Happy Anniversary


Yesterday was my husband and I’s 6th anniversary.  And as much as I wanted to post on this yesterday, I just didn’t have time to do it.  I had been speaking at a friend’s church at a Single Moms Retreat, which was a wonderful event with many endearing, sweet women.  It was a pleasure to be a part of something so special.  And then when I got home last evening, my daughter was ill.  So, no blogging time for this mama.

But I just wanted to say it’s been a crazy, wonderful, exciting, beautiful, roller-coaster ride the last 6 years with my husband.  We’ve had many ups and downs, trials and celebrations.  I can hardly believe it has been this long and yet it seems like it just flew by.  So much has changed in six years.  I’m so thankful for how God has developed and grown our family and how we are still going strong and looking forward to many more wonderful years together.  So, I wanted to take this time to post 10 reasons why I’m thankful for my husband.  Yes, of course, there is SOOOO much more, but I thought I’d start with 10.


1.  He seeks to follow Jesus in all aspects of his life.

2.  He is a devoted family man.

3.  He is a super, awesome daddy and loves spending time with our children.

4.  He works hard to provide for our family.

5.  He isn’t afraid to pursue his dreams.

6.  He is always seeking to grow in his relationships, his spiritual life and personally.

7.  He is fun and loves to laugh.

8.  He helps me clean up around the house when needed.

9.  He never hesitates to serve or be generous.

10.He is committed to this marriage and loves me unconditionally.  Even when I may be unlovable.






Just want to say “Thank you” babe, for 6 fabulous years!  I look forward to many more years on this adventure of life by your side.  God brought us together for a beautiful purpose and I know he hand picked us for each other.   Which reminds me of a fun story…

When we were courting, I lived in Iowa, he was in Texas, so we sent a lot of letters and cards.  So, once we got married, I wanted to continue the tradition.  So I sent a card to him from our own address of course, but in the return address spot I wrote “Your Best Friend”.  So, he got the mail and brought it in the house. I saw he had the letter in hand.  So, I sat there with a smile, waiting for his response.  But instead of looking lovingly at me when he read “Your Best Friend” in the return address spot, he looked at me puzzled and said, “Why would Brian send me a card?”  Hello?!?! My countenance fell as I sadly corrected him, “I’m your best friend.”  Wah, wah. Although I was a little deflated, he recovered remarkably.  We laughed and added it to our memory bank.  So many great memories.


Honey, you are still my best friend and companion and I can’t imagine life with anyone but you.  I’m grateful for your love and attention.  I know life will only get better as we continue to grow and seek our Lord together.  Thank you for you.

Happy Anniversary!

Love, Your adoring wife



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