God Gave Each of Us a Different Voice

God Gave Each of Us a Different Voice

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I try to pick a theme every week for my preschoolers.  This week we are learning about birds.  I printed off some photos of different birds from the computer and we cut them out and glued them onto a big white piece of card stock.  We named them all and then I thought it would be fun for us to listen to all of their different sounds on the computer.  We learned the calls of eagles, parrots, hawks, chickens, roosters, etc.  The kids were enamored.  Even Cruz, my 18mo old sat there and listened intently.  Gavin, my oldest, was fascinated at the different sounds of all of them.  Then I said it.

They are all birds, but God gave each of them a different voice.

God gave each of them a different voice.

Read that again.  As the words were coming out of my mouth, I paused.  I looked up and said, “That’s it!”

God gave each of us a different voice!

We are all women, but God gave each of us a different voice!

I have dreamt of writing and speaking to women for years!  But whenever I begin to pursue this desire and calling, I get caught up in the question, “But, who am I?  Look at all the amazing women out there speaking out for the Lord!  What do I have to say that is any different?”

But today, God used my son as an instrument of His Word.

God gave each of US a different voice!

I am unique!  You are unique!  God has given us a voice.  A voice to proclaim His goodness.  A voice to proclaim his salvation to all.  His voice to proclaim His grace and mercy.  Everyone of us has a voice to tell of who God is.  And yes, every woman who raises her voice for the name of the Lord proclaims the same message!  Amen!  We don’t have to create a new message of hope, He has already established His story through history, today and forevermore!

The difference lies in the fact that we also have a voice to share that is uniquely ours.  No one else before me or in the times to come will have MY STORY.  No one else has my unique experiences, emotions, pain, joys, struggles or story of perseverance and triumph!  Now, we may have similarities in each of these areas,  but I am packaged perfectly and uniquely me.

And if I am packaged uniquely and perfectly, then what is inside must be a gift.  A gift that only God has given me.  And what are we to do with a gift?  Absolutely!  We are to share it.  Share it with your family.  Share it with your friends.  Share it with the world.  The women of this world need to hear your message!  They need to hear my message!

We each have a story.  A story, however, is just a story until God reaches in and transforms the story teller.  The transformation that the Lord performs in me, in all of us, is what our story is all about.  I have been transformed by the almighty and wonderful God.  And because of this transformation, His story and my story become one.  My story becomes yet another story of God’s grace, faith and love.   Oh, how thankful I am for this new story that is unfolding in my life.  Everyday is a new part of the story.  When we are children of God, our story never ends.  Our beautiful story will go on for eternity.  This is the story I long to share.

He has given each of us a voice.  A different voice with the same message.  Am I living my life as a story?  Do I really understand that what happens in my life today, makes a difference for tomorrow?  You see, our unique story plays a part in a much bigger story, something so much bigger than ourselves.   God’s story. God’s kingdom IS the Big story.  But my part is important and essential.  I am important and essential.  God’s story will continue with or without my part.  But, what an honor and privilege to be able to join him in what he is doing in his kingdom.

And this is what I’m supposed to do: Tell God’s story using my story. Use my voice to share God’s.

What a privilege.  What an honor.  He has given all of us a voice.  He has called all of us to use this voice.  Each of us in our own unique way.


3 thoughts on “God Gave Each of Us a Different Voice

  1. Jean

    Amen Alissa!! I love that revelation! I ESPECIALLY love when HIS words come out of my mouth and it takes a moment for me to realize that GOD JUST SAID THAT TO ME, IN MY OWN WORDS!!!

    Thank you for sharing this post!! We all certainly have a story to share!!


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