Step 1 (January): Why I’m Making My Bed

Why I'm Making My Bed

I have never felt making my bed was important.  Why would I go to such effort to pull up all the sheets, blankets and comforter neat and tidy when, in several hours, I will be sleeping in it again?  I just never saw the point.  I am a chronic non-bed-maker…from childhood.  Why after 30 some years would I start now?

My mom never made me make my bed.  My sister doesn’t make her bed (it must be genetic).  My husband certainly doesn’t care if I make the bed (he is a non-bed-maker as well).  No one sees it.  I know of many successful, happy people who don’t make their beds.  It must, then, not be important.

Or is it?

Why do so many people feel it’s important?  Every time my mother-in-law comes to visit, she makes my bed for me.  She never says a word.  I will just go into our room and find it made.  I must admit that it does look better, more appealing to the eye for sure.  It gives this small sense of “I at least have THIS together”.  Why do some people feel the need to make their beds, while others simply neglect such a simple act.  And it is simple.  I’ve timed it.  It honestly takes less than 1 minute to fully make my bed.

Why then, does something so simple, seem SO hard?

So begins my quest to make my bed.

Every day.

Yes, I’ve been reflecting on this bed making issue.  There are several reasons FOR making your bed every day.

#1 Its visually appealing.

#2 It does feel better to get into a made bed at night to go to sleep.

#3 It makes your room look better.

#4 It’s easier for the kids to jump on.

But the most important reason for me…

#5 It gives me the amazing feeling of accomplishment that I actually followed through with something.

I’ve said it before, but I struggle with the follow-through.  I have such great ideas and intentions….that never seem to come to pass.  I start things, only to fall short….again and again.  And after a long enough time period, with continuous plans that never play out, one begins to feel the familiar feeling of defeat and failure.

No one sees my bed being made but me and my husband (and my mother-in-law occasionally).  My 3 toddlers could care less.  They would actually prefer it unmade…more fun to rummage around on!

But I see it.  And I’m determined to make it.  Everyday.  It’s like a battle I have always been defeated at.  No more!  I will win.  I will succeed! I will set out to accomplish what I desire!

Yes, to some, they will never understand the importance of a beautifully made bed.  But to me, I see the beginning of a new life.  A life filled with purpose and intentionality.  When I wake up in the morning, and pause for 1 minute (literally) to make my king sized bed, I will reflect on the fact that I CAN change, I CAN win this very small battle I’ve never been able to succeed at.  I will begin to see that real LIVING is in DOING, not in words that leave my mouth as ‘should haves’.

For years and years, I’ve heard people tell me how important it is to make my bed.  I’ve listened.  I’ve even believed it.  But I’ve never done it.  Isn’t this the same with our spiritual life?  How easy it is to listen to God’s word, to even believe it, but to never follow through and DO IT?

The Bible tells us in James 1:22 “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”

Nike got it right when they said, “Just Do It”.

And so I shall…

What do you struggle to follow through with?



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