20 Ways to Know You Are a Mom of Little Ones

20 Ways to Know You Are A Mom of Little Ones Being a mother of little ones puts you in a category quite different from mothers of older children.  Both stages indeed are challenging and amazing all at the same time.  But when you are a mom of infants through preschoolers, there are just some things that set you apart.

Since Mother’s Day for me was spent nursing a sick baby, I’ve spent some time just thinking to myself about the things that define my life right now.  I smiled and laughed to myself and just thought…I’m NOT the only one who is in this stage of life!  So, in case you haven’t already figured it out…

Here are 20 Ways to Know You Are a Mother of Little Ones

1. You have spit up, food or snot smeared onto your shirt by the end of each day.

2. You wear your hair up in a pony tail a lot.  Okay, probably most days.

3. You don’t have any new furniture.  Uh..because your children will destroy it.

4. You have crusty spots on your carpet from spilled milk.  That have been there “awhile” because you don’t notice them anymore.

5. You have a trash can designated in the garage for poopies.

6. You treasure the time you have in the shower to yourself.

7. You’ve replaced purchased art on the wall with your children’s craft creations.

8. You’ve watched Frozen a dozen times and your daughter has claimed “Let It Go” as her song.

9. You buy 3 gallons of milk at a time at the grocery store 2-3 times/ week.  Because that is all your

10. Talking about the characteristics of your child’s poopies is normal dinner conversation.

11. You have learned to tune out the crying and screaming in the background when you are on the phone.

12. There is a rotting sippy cup of milk somewhere in your house right now.

13. You don’t leave the house without your diaper bag, sippy cups and snacks.

14. You can single handedly cook, clean, do laundry and do most everything holding a baby or toddler on your hip.

15. You breathe a sigh of relief when they are all asleep in bed.

16. Cleaning up puke means wiping it off and spraying perfume on.

17. You hear them call out “mommy” 100 times in a row.

18. Your home is covered with baby paraphernalia and toys, most of which are never used.

19. You’ve cried at least once this week.  Okay, maybe more than once.

20. You LOVE slobbery baby kisses!


So, are you convinced?  Are YOU a mother of little ones?  I most definitely am.  And I know as crazy and hectic as this stage of our lives is right now, it will be over sooner than I would like.  Your sweet little ones will not be little forever.

So, my advice to you?  My advice to me?

Stop right now.  EMBRACE IT!  Be thankful.  Don’t wish this stage away.  My friend is on the other end of the spectrum right now as her children are beginning to leave the nest.  She told me, “Looking back, we miss those days when they were little.  Enjoy it.”

Enjoy it.

Have we become so overwhelmed with the challenges we’ve missed the joys?

Don’t look ahead.  Look within.  Find the joy.  Find the sweetness.  Find the blessing.  In every single moment. Don’t wish these moments away.  They won’t be little forever.

Please share how you know YOU are a mother of little ones!! 

3 thoughts on “20 Ways to Know You Are a Mom of Little Ones

  1. Teri @ MommySabbatical.com

    Okay, seriously…
    with kids on BOTH ends of the spectrum, at the SAME time…

    I totally think its okay to wish some of this baby chaos away. Some of it stinks, y’know??? I mean, there’s lotsa preciousness mixed up in there, but DANG, it’s a hard season of life.

    My little ones are utterly darling. But I am so stinkin’ weary after a day full of them. My older kids aren’t nearly as cute – but they are WAY more fun, and alot less hassle!!!

    Don’t beat yourself up too much, girl….you’ve got a houseful of little ones there, and that is seriously challenging!!!

    1. Alissa Perez Post author

      Thank you for your encouragement! That’s what we are supposed to do as moms…encourage each other! Because we all need it, especially on those hard days! I am enjoying this season. They will grow up sooner than I want them to I know!


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