The Urgency of Cultivating Faith

The Urgency of Cultivating Faith

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How can I expect my children to obey when I’m not obeying you, God?

If I am unforgiving, and have a bitter attitude, how can I expect them to forgive and give grace?

Change ME Lord so my children don’t learn fleshly behavior through me!  My life is a living example of who YOU are.

What is my life telling my children?  These precious ones are the biggest ministry I could possibly have.

Help me to see the urgency and importance of seeking God and growing in my own faith.  And faith is something I cultivate.

Faith says, “Do you trust me?”

And humbly, I must learn in every circumstance, in every decision to say, “Yes Lord, I do.  Always.”  

Those are the words my Savior longs to hear me utter.  “I trust you.  I believe you.  I love you.”  There is nothing else.  If I miss this, I’ve missed God. I don’t want to miss experiencing Him in my days.

Lord, open my eyes and ears to see and hear you fresh and new everyday.  May your word penetrate my soul and speak truth to my heart.  Fill me with your goodness.  Empty me of me, so I may have ALL of you.  May I cease striving and start resting in the truth of who you always have been, who you are and who you will always be.  You are freedom.  You are victory.  You are God.  Amen.



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