Mama’s Night In

I am alone.


Ok, the kids are all asleep, so they are still in the house.  But technically, in my living room, right now, I’m alone.

My husband went to a work get-together.  I chose to stay home.


Because of this.


Jazz music.

My computer.

My bible.

And did I mention a glass of Red Knot Shiraz?

Mama's Night In

Seriously, I am in my happy place.

Really, this is only the 3rd glass of wine I’ve had in over 2 1/2 years, but tonight I needed the night off.

Not because I’m terribly stressed or depressed or overwhelmed.  At least, not right now.  Ha!  But, it just honestly feels good to sit here and relax.  Without worry.  Without my to-do list nagging at me.  Without trying to finish laundry or the dishes, or pick up 10 million toys.

No, tonight is MY night.  My night to just sit here in the living room, with the lights dimmed, listening to soft jazz music, sipping my wine and blogging, reading my bible, reading Charles Dickens  ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ (wow, this is a hard book to read!) and my Pottery Barn magazine (because I LOVE Pottery Barn and I love getting decorating ideas from it).

Tonight, my soul just needs some quiet.

Why do I put my children to bed at 7:30 every night?  So, once in a great while I can have a night like this.

A night to relax.  A night to reconnect with ME.  A night to be at peace and to be still.  A night to connect with God – uninterrupted.

You need this night, too, I can tell.  How do I know?  Because we ALL need it.  We ALL need a night to just be by ourselves and reconnect with US!

For me, it’s just stopping.  Being still.  Looking around this home God has given us and just seeing it.  Really seeing it.  Really seeing it – quiet.

I LOVE my children so much.  I love their silly giggles, and their imaginations, and their jumping all over the furniture and even their temper tantrums (we have our fair share of those with 3 toddlers).  But I realize that sometimes, I just don’t sit and embrace this peace that overtakes the house when they are snuggled in their beds.  I spend most nights “finishing up” everything I started during the day.

And I adore my husband and the time we get to spend together.

But, I think I’m an introvert.  I refuel in solitary evenings.  My battery is recharging as we speak.

I always thought of myself as an extrovert, but honestly, as I get older, being alone is the BOMB!  Ha!  Maybe that is why I lOVE just running errands by myself, locking myself in the shower, or sitting in bed reading a book.

We all need refueling, recharging.  Every one of us has a different method.  Whatever it is?  Do it.  Schedule it in if you have to.  I don’t do THIS enough.  But tonight, I’m enjoying every minute of the peace and relaxation and just being with me.

Make a date with YOU.

You will be most glad you did.

3 thoughts on “Mama’s Night In

  1. Misty Gilbert

    I love my alone time too…been an adjustment to change my focus and realize that this is not selfish. This is a requirement to give yourself the fuel to live and continue to be productive. You need time to pray, reflect, write, and think. Time to sort out those subconscious and conscious thoughts. It is in this alone time that I find much strength and purpose!


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