DIY Girl Hair Accessories Organizer

Finding out I was having a daughter, I couldn’t wait to accessorize her with hair bows!  And I made sure from the time she was born that she got used to wearing headbands and bows.  With longer hair, we’ve now added ponytails and barrettes. And with all these accessories comes mass confusion.

How do I keep all her hair accessories organized?!

I have a cute Princess wall sign with ribbons to hold all of her bows. But the drawer with her ponytail holders, extra bows and barrettes has been a disaster.

So, one night as I stood there in the doorway staring at the giant mess while my kids were in the bathtub, I had a genius idea!

I’m currently in a mode of simplifying and minimizing my life.  So, rather than going out to buy more organization junk I really don’t need, I decided to think outside the box…actually outside of the eggbox.

DIY Hair Accessory Organizer


DIY Girl Hair Accessories Organizer

Needed:  2 egg cartons

1.  Take 2 cardboard egg cartons and cut them in half.  Any carton will do, I just prefer the cardboard over the Styrofoam.  I also used a 12 and 18 count egg carton, but 2-3 dozen cartons would work as well.

2. The bottom part is used to separate all the hair ties by color and for organizing the small                   elastic bands and barrettes.

3. I used the top part of the carton to collect all the small bows or the ones that won’t hang on the ribbon.

It’s truly amazing how easy it was to do this and the best part…it was FREE and easy to keep it organized!

Bonus tip to organize your jewelry: Use the same type of egg box and organize earrings on the bottom and bracelets in the top half of the carton.  Who knew egg cartons could be so versatile.

What other ways have you used everyday home items to keep yourself organized?  Please share!

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